1/16 Beef



Wagyu Beef Included in This Package:

  • Top Sirloin 16 oz: 3
  • Sirloin Tip 16 oz: 3
  • New York 10 oz: 1
  • Ribeye 19 oz: 2
  • T Bone 25 oz: 1
  • Round Steaks: 4
  • Order today for 20 lbs of burger for free!!!


This nice collection gives you 14 top-shelf wagyu steaks and an additional 20 pounds of delicious ground beef. If you’re throwing a big barbecue or party, this is the package you’ll want. At least if you’re the cool neighbor that brings heavily marbled wagyu beef to a barbecue. You want to be that neighbor. He’s a cool guy. Everybody likes that guy.

**Orders received up to Monday night at 6 pm mountain standard time will be delivered the following Wednesday. All orders placed after Monday will be delivered the week after Wednesday.**