American Wagyu Beef Shipped Right to Your Door

From our farm to your front door, indulge in flavorful, fork-tender beef with superior marbling any time.


Dry-Aged Steak at Your Doorstep

How do we marble our steaks to Wagyu standards while still showcasing the robust texture and flavor of American Angus? Glad you asked.

Our grain-finished cows come from South Dakota, bringing a reputation for succulent flavor along with them. As we transport their juicy cuts from our farm to your table, we don’t let any beefy goodness get away. We flash freeze and vacuum-seal each and every one for peak freshness.

Get More out of Your Cuts

Cooking Tips

Want to take your grilling and searing skills to the next level? We created cooking tutorials and recipes specifically for Wagyu and specially for you.

The American Wagyu Experience

Wagyu Marbling.
Better Flavor.

Once you taste the American way, you’ll never go back when it comes to Wagyu.

American Wagyu is the perfect steak for the American palate. While the Wagyu sensation started in Japan, it was US farmers that found a way to skillfully harness its melt-in-your-mouth marbling and still retain the renowned hearty flavor of American steak.

Why All-Natural American

Wagyu Steak is Superior

Our American Wagyu beef speaks for itself.

At Bear Lake Beef, we take the science and art of producing American Wagyu seriously. We approach every step of the process with our cattle and customers in mind. The care we show our superior grain-finished cows, as well as the exceptionally marbled meat they produce, shines through in every cut. Unlike our competitors, we never cut corners by adding chemicals. We always choose the all-natural route, meticulously preserving every ounce of flavor and dry-aging our meat until it is at its peak buttery tenderness.

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We are passionate about what we do at Bear Lake Beef and are happy to answer any questions you have about our American Wagyu.