Why Wagyu?

What in the world is American Wagyu?

American Wagyu beef is some of the best in the world—but what makes it stand out? After specialty breeders in Japan successfully reared a species of cattle with unparalleled marbling, the succulent steaks it produced started to spread their wings. Wagyu was incorporated into countless dishes in the surrounding countries, but when the sensation reached the States, we had an even better idea.

The Proof is in the Melting Point

The mind-blowing mouthfeel of Wagyu steak comes down to science. High-fat content in every cut with a melting point below body temperature means Wagyu will literally melt in your mouth.

Whereas typical beef fat melts at a minimum of 104°F, Wagyu fat melts at a maximum of 77°F. The average human body sits at around 98.6°F, so American Wagyu beef acts like butter on the tongue.



104° F



77° F



98.6° F

Mind-Blowing Marbling Meets Famous American Flavor

American beef aficionados found that Wagyu had one flaw. While it worked very well in Asian dishes, its flavor wasn’t fit for the US dinner table. How could our citizens truly relish in buttery Wagyu without the famous flavor and bite of Angus beef? After a bit of brainstorming, we had a breakthrough.

US farmers crossbred Angus and Wagyu cattle, and the species that came forth showcased the melt-in-your-mouth marbling of Wagyu and the treasured traditional flavor of American steak at the same time.

Bear Lake Beef
Is Better

At Bear Lake Beef, we go one step further. We stick to the secret of superior Angus by sourcing our cows from South Dakota and wield magnificent Wagyu by supplying them with high-quality grain feed. 

We refuse to cut corners, always choosing the all-natural way unlike many of our competitors. We:

checkFlash-freeze our cuts for peak freshness
checkDry-age them for maximum decadence
checkShip them straight to our customers
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Ship American Wagyu Steak to your Door

When it comes to Wagyu, farm-to-table is the way to go. Why continue to disappoint your tongue with soggy store-bought packs of “prime” beef or the unbearably long wait times of unreliable butchers?

There’s a better way to satisfy your beef tooth. Order from our one-stop shop for unbelievably robust and tender cuts of American Wagyu at unbeatable prices. Why would you go about Wagyu any other way?