Prime Natural American Beef

Originating from the beautiful Bear Lake, Utah/Idaho, Bear Lake Beef is not like the average meat you find at the local grocery store. Most grocery store meat has been wet aged (injected with salt and chemicals) to make it more tender and has most likely been mixed with other breeds of cattle, from an unknown variety of countries.

Bear Lake Beef is raised right here in The United States. Our meat is grain finished which helps to enhance its marbling (marbling = flavor).  Unlike grass fed beef which lacks marbling and dries out during cooking, every cut of our unique Bear Lake Beef remains tender, juicy and delicious.

Our meat is dry aged for at least 21 days allowing nature to tenderize the meat, without the need for added chemicals or unnatural tenderizers. After our meat is aged it is expertly butchered into steaks, roasts, hamburger and sausages, flash frozen and individually packaged to maintain peak freshness. The end product is beef that tastes the way beef was meant to, is juicy, satisfying and fork tender.