How it Works

From Our Pasture to Your Plate

At Bear Lake Beef, we believe that superior quality American Wagyu beef should be affordable and at your fingertips. Our shipping services make it easy to indulge in exceptionally marbled flavorful steaks every month at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Select your favorite cuts, choose a membership option, and we’ll ship them straight to your door.

Superior Quality at Every Step

From our farm to your front steps, we complete every step of the process with our cattle and customers in mind. Our American Wagyu cattle come the USA, harnessing the famous flavor of American Angus and the world-renowned marbling of Wagyu at the same time.


Our Pasture

Our cattle grow up in the U.S.A. where they graze on the highest quality grains— enhancing their happiness, bold American flavor, and levels of intramuscular fat.


Our Process

After butchering our American Wagyu cows, we flash freeze, vacuum-seal, and dry-age each cut of beef so it is fresh, full-flavored, fork-tender… and ready to savor.


Your Preference

When you build your bundle or join our Wagyu Beef Club, we meticulously pack and ship your selected cuts directly to your door so you can indulge in superior steaks every month.


Your Plate

Melting at lower temperatures than standard beef for a melt-in-your-mouth experience, you can now cook your chosen cuts to suit your palate for a premier dinner experience.

American Wagyu

The All-Natural Way

We flash-freeze and vacuum-seal each of our succulent cuts for peak freshness, never cutting corners or using chemicals to preserve the quality of our beef. We prefer the all-natural route: precision and skill, along with dry-aging every one of our steaks until it reaches its best buttery tenderness and most robust beefy flavor.

Want to know more about our methods or services? Check out our commonly asked questions or contact us today to learn more about our American Wagyu steaks.