Love a good steak but tired of the subpar flavor?​

Yeah, us too.

Why Wagyu?

We’re Bear Lake Beef, your farm-to-table connection. Get flavorful, tender, locally raised Wagyu beef delivered right to your doorstep. No more soggy packs of “prime” beef at the grocer and no more relying on nonexistent butchers.

The Quality of Wagyu

marbled vs unmarbled


With higher levels of intramuscular fat, balanced marbling, and a finer texture, the cuts from this cow produce a superior eating experience.

Is It That Good?

Ever had a melt in your mouth bite of steak moment? Ever even come close?

Beef aficionados around the world sing the praises of Wagyu, but honestly, what makes it so special?

wagyu marbled beef
bear lake beef wagyu

The magic of Wagyu comes down to a science.

The fat of Wagyu beef has a melting point lower than the temperature of the human body. High-Fat content in every cut means your steak will literally melt in your mouth.

Our grain-finished beef, flash freezing freshness, and vacuum-sealed techniques mean more flavor and happier tastebuds.

Every cut remains tender from the package to your dinner plate, without the use of unnecessary chemicals.

cooked wagyu beef
cooked marbled beef

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to dry-aging meat naturally.

We take the time because we know it matters. Fork tender is the only way we know how to do it.

From Our Farm to Your Table

As beef lovers, cattle caretakers, and meat innovators, we believe that superior taste and local operations correlate. By keeping it local, we ensure your procured steaks are above the taste and freshness standard of our competitors, for half the price.

Compare Our Prices with Our Competitors

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Easy Delivery

Our all-natural beef packages are delivered right to your front door. Each cut is perfectly fresh and ready for the skillet. Partake in a luxurious steak dinner for less than half the cost of our competitors.

Unique, quality Wagyu beef starts at our farm and ends at your table.

The connection to quality and flavor is as simple as that. Are you ready to order from the one-stop shop to melt in your mouth beef?

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